Homestead Museum Tour
Located in City of Industry .

Article By:  Kenny Dierken   March 2004


We left Coco 's at 9:30AM a total of nine Model A's for an adventuresome 35 mile surface street tour. Upon arriving at the museum, the sun was just starting to peek through, as we pulled into parking lot we met up with the Harbor A Club. Our tour guide's name was Steven Dugan, we had found him to be a very knowledgeable person sharing life stories about the Workman's and the Temple families. What an interesting time we spent there, stepping back from the 1840's 1920's the magnificent adobe home with the beautiful stain glass windows to the wonderful wood crafting. I look back to think that these survived earthquakes, and all what nature tossed at it through the years. After spending an hour & a half on the actual tour, we set up for a wonderful picnic lunch sharing great conversation and of course good food.


One funny conversation that Richard Parrish shared with us is the fact that when he filled up with gas the night before the tour, he must not have had his glasses with him because he had put in four gallons of diesel fuel instead of regular gas in his tank. I don't know about you guys, as I am a greenhorn when it comes to the Model A's, but I guess it's true that you can really run just about anything through the engine of a Model A.   However, I think it would be safe to say, I don't recommend it for any length of time.  I am not sure how good or bad it is for the engine's life, but Richard's car just smoked all the way up to the museum and all the way home.   But note, it did run just fine.


No, I haven't forgot the OCMAFC members who went on the tour.  They are listed as followed:  Don & Sally Miller (A), Greg & Leslie Carcerano (A), Kenny Dierken (A), Richard & Jeannie Parrish (A) with their Grandson, Koty, John & Gwen Riggs (A), Marion Wavra, Sheila Plotkin, Everett & Reba Pierce (A), Glen Johnson (A), Dick & Carmen Smith (A), Greg & Fran Earhart (A), Colleen Schmidt (modern) and her sister. 


In conclusion I am sorry for those who couldn't make the tour as we all had a wonderful time. Hope to see you out on other tours, especially the new members if you can't make it out in your Model A drive your modern's. We sure have great times and good stories to tell.


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